How to make matcha latte



If you're looking for a trendy yet healthy drink try to make a matcha latte, follow these steps:

Ingredients: You'll need matcha powder, milk (dairy or non-dairy), hot water, and a sweetener (optional).

Sift Matcha: Sift 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder into a bowl to remove lumps.

Add Hot Water: Pour about 2 ounces (60 ml) of hot (not boiling) water into the bowl with the matcha. Whisk vigorously in a "W" or "M" motion until it's well mixed and frothy.

Heat Milk: In a separate container, heat up your milk of choice. You can use a milk frother or heat it on the stove.

Mix Matcha and Milk: Pour the matcha mixture into a cup. Then, slowly add the hot milk while stirring.

Sweeten (Optional): Add a sweetener like honey or sugar if you prefer your latte on the sweeter side. Start with a small amount and adjust to taste.

Enjoy: Your matcha latte is ready to be enjoyed depending on your taste whether iced or hot.

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