Must Try delicacies in Bohol, Philippines


They say, the way to wins a mans heart is through his stomach. When it comes to tourism, famous tourist spots isnt the only one that captures the heart of the people. But also the local delicacies that would leave the tourist wanting for more. Bohol is one of the isand in the Philippines that is known for its exotic natural beauty which can be only be found in the province. If youre planning to visit Bohol here are some food recommendation to fulfill the enjoyment of your trip.

1. Kalamay

This is made from glutinous rice,sugar,peanut and milk perfect for snacks like a sandwhich or fillings and what it makes it more interesting, is the container made from the coconut shell. The way they thought about the container is brilliant, it doesnt only promote eco friendliness but also sustainability. So take note about it when you make a stop in Jagna,Bohol if you want an authentic Kalamay.

2. Peanut Kisses

Another fun snack to try is the peanut kisses. This crunchy, nutty flavored cookie is perfect souvenier for your loved ones for this cookie resembled bohol's treasured natures beauty the chocolate hills.

3. Bee Farm Ice cream

If youre planning to travel this summer and youre looking for a healthy food to keep your body cool, try bee farm's ice cream. This ice cream is known for its authenticity. The flavor itself isnt only made from real fruits but the cone is made from galang-galang(a snack made out of cassava). Your money wouldnt go to waste because the ice cream itself is organic and made out from grass fed carabaos.

4. Sikwate

If youre unlucky to be not getting along with the weather. Sikwate is the perfect partner to enjoy the cold weather of bohol, It is made from roasted cacao seeds perfect for someone whos looking for an organic and vegan friendly drink.

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