Meta Says Access Is Restored After Facebook and Instagram Outage


Users reported widespread issues with the platforms from around 10 a.m. Eastern to about noon, according to Down Detector, a website that tracks user reports of internet disruptions.

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger experienced a significant outage under Meta, their parent company. Users encountered difficulties loading the apps or accessing the websites as usual. On Facebook, affected individuals found themselves logged out and unable to log back in, while Instagram failed to function altogether. Concerns arose among users who feared their accounts had been compromised, leading to trending topics on Twitter. However, the error messages were attributed to issues with Facebook's login system rather than a security breach.

Meta does not maintain official status pages for its consumer products, but spokesperson Andy Stone acknowledged the problems on Twitter. He assured users that Meta was addressing the issue and later confirmed that it had been resolved. Stone attributed the problem to a "technical issue," following the company's practice of providing limited details about outages.

Down Detector, a website tracking service, reported extensive outages on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger globally. Meta does offer a status page for its business products, such as advertising on Facebook and Instagram, which indicated normal operations. Meanwhile, WhatsApp, another Meta-owned platform, appeared unaffected by the outage.

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