Billionaire Faked Own Death To Join Russian Lover in Moscow: Reports


A German billionaire, officially declared deceased in 2021, may have orchestrated his disappearance to live with his purported mistress in Moscow. Karl-Erivan Haub, a German-American dual citizen and former managing director of Tengelmann Group, vanished at 58 while ascending a mountain lift on April 7, 2018, in Zermatt, Switzerland. He was reported missing the next day when he failed to return to his hotel.

The businessman's search was officially halted in October 2018. Three years later, in May 2021, Karl-Erivan Haub was formally pronounced dead by the Cologne district court. His wife, brothers, and company provided evidence for his declaration of death. Christian Haub, his younger brother, assumed sole CEO of Tengelmann following his disappearance. In May 2021, Christian stated under oath that he had no information suggesting his missing brother could be alive. 

However, he is now under investigation by the state prosecutor's office in Cologne for allegedly making false statements. According to local news outlet Zeit Online, despite his claims, he is accused of possessing reliable evidence suggesting his brother might still be alive.

The state prosecutor's office has stressed that there's insufficient evidence to suggest Karl-Erivan Haub is alive, and there's no current basis to invalidate his death certificate. 

Christian Haub has denied providing false statements, and Newsweek has reached out to Tengelmann for comment. The recent investigation follows a criminal complaint filed in May 2023 by journalists from RTL, who were probing Haub's disappearance and suggested he may have faked his death. 

The investigation is linked to a younger Russian woman, purportedly Veronika Ermilova, with ties to Russian intelligence, with whom Haub allegedly had a secret double life. Investigative journalist Liv von Boetticher, part of the RTL team, revealed in an interview with German magazine that they had spent three years processing research results and hoped for an official investigation based on their compelling evidence. 

They informed the Cologne District Court in 2021 of their doubts regarding Haub's death. Boetticher disclosed having obtained photos in 2022 indicating Haub's presence in Moscow in February 2021, suggesting Christian Haub might have had access to this information when he claimed no reliable evidence of his brother's survival. 

Boetticher mentioned an alleged lover of Haub with whom he had intense telephone contact before his disappearance, potentially linked to the Russian domestic intelligence service, the FSB. 

She noted internal investigations and specially commissioned agencies in Russia pursued leads, indicating Haub might be in Russia, possibly for business-related reasons that could have caused trouble in the West.

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