■  Don’t bring your money with you. 

■  Cook at home. 

■  Buy your groceries in Public Market not in Malls weekly, not daily, not monthly. (Market: Ampalaya 50/kl vs Mall 147/kl)

■  Remove unimportant expenses. 

■  Lower down the cost of your important expenses. (Ex. Ganador 55/kl while Sinandoming 42/kl) 

■  Buy your own tumbler and bring your own water. Avoid buying outside. (Natures Spring 500ml 15.00 while if you bring its FREE) 

■  If you’re not in business don’t buy CAR. 

COMMUTE: plete ka 8.00 x 2 x 26days = 416.00/month 


CAR Expenses: 15k/month car + 5k/mo gas + 2k/mo parking = 22k/month 

■  Always set aside 20-30% of your income to your Mandatory/Disciplined SAVINGS. 

What makes us POOR is our bad spending habits.

The SAVINGS we put in Real Estate Property is normally the only savings we didn't spend after years of battling those spending temptations. Have you realized 5yrs ago we've been working yet right now financially almost we have nothing left.

The amount of money we have today has something to do with what we did 5yrs ago, with how we spend and how we save. If we don't change anything most likely the amount of money we have today is still the same 5yrs from now. The question is: "Is that what we want?". 

The real REASON why we can't save is simple: It is not because we don't make money, not because we don't save, but it is because we are always tempted to withdraw and spend whatever we save.

Our TRUE VALUE is the amount of our SAVINGS not the INCOME, not the MONEY that we earn that is long gone already.

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