Photo of Homeless Woman Living Inside Michigan Rooftop Grocery Store Sign

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Police confirmed that a woman had been residing within the rooftop sign of a Family Fare grocery store in Michigan for approximately a year. She had outfitted her unusual living space with flooring, a computer, and a coffee maker, among other amenities.

The Midland Police Department detailed the dimensions of her living area, measuring 10 to 15 feet in length, five feet in width, and reaching approximately 8 feet in height at its peak. In addition to the essentials, she had a mini desk, a printer, a pantry, and various other items inside the sign.

Brennon Warren, a spokesperson for the Midland Police Department, noted the uniqueness of the situation, stating, "I personally have never encountered a situation like this, and neither have my colleagues." Despite efforts to assist her with information on homeless services in the area, she declined any support.

SpartanNash, the company operating Family Fare, commended their employees for handling the situation with compassion and professionalism.

The discovery was made when contractors working on the roof reported her presence to Midland police on April 23. Despite being trespassed from the store, she left without incident. It remains unclear how she accessed the rooftop.

Saralyn Temple, executive director at Midland’s Open Door, noted an increase in people seeking assistance in various ways, including unconventional living arrangements. She emphasized that while the situation garnered attention, homelessness takes many forms, such as living in tents, cars, or storage units.

Midland, with a population of approximately 42,500 in 2022, had around 9 percent of its residents living in poverty. Temple highlighted the hidden nature of poverty, often making those in need "invisible" to society.

Authorities confirmed that the woman would not face formal charges for her unconventional living situation.

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